After finalising Revision 3 of the drive-side board, I went on to do the next thing, which I had on my TODO list for DolphinDOS 2. If you had a closer look at the description of the pins of the jumper block, you may have wondered why would I put a power supply pin there. Well, the answer is here. I needed it to power the control module I wanted to develop next. The idea was to have a single button switch capable of performing all functions available on the jumper block, including non-volatile configuration of the device. In addition to that — provision for connecting display module showing hardware ID and DOS selection was also desirable for the future. Results you can find below. Implemented functions are:
  • RESET (short press)
  • DOS selection (long press)
  • Rotational change of the hardware ID: 8 -> 9 -> 10 -> 11 -> 8 -> 9… (double press)
Module was designed around a tiny microcontroller (PIC12F683) from Microchip. Yes, I know, I should have taken an ATTiny from Atmel - maybe that would have helped them not to get bought by Microchip... ;-)






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