It took obviously much longer than I'd like to, but… here it is - the emufiles.qlgenerator and the settings application are no longer two things. They're one now. But the more important part is that it now works again on the current versions of the OS and is "mostly finished". It is now an application bundle, which combines both the plugins and the preferences. I had to rewrite parts of it in order to make it work again, and to use the fonts I want it to use.

DISCLAIMER: If it crashes with huge fireballs, breaks your Windows, leaves stains on your screen or does anything else you wouldn’t like it to do - you still used it at YOUR OWN RISK. I can’t be held responsible for any damage, stemming from the use of the program, direct or indirect. ANY. <-- period.

Having said that, I sincerely believe that the worst what can happen is that it just doesn’t show you the preview it is supposed to. It might also leave a nice file in your "CrashReporter" directory. It may also occasionally display something completely different from what it should. If any of that happens I would appreciate you contacting me as well as sending me the file you tried to preview.

  • For installing the program, there is no .pkg, no installer scripts, no administrator privileges, no restart required. You don’t even have to quit all your browsers ;-) Simply remove older versions of the plugin and settings application, then drop this, unpacked one into your /Applications folder and run it by using right-click-open. Set your preferences and quit the application. That's it.
  • You can remove CBM font file you might have installed before, unless you need it for something else
  1. As opposed to Christian’s plugin, I didn’t implement the "Thumbnail" function. I don’t see a need for it. Do you?
  2. Apart from changing the character set, other listing tricks like clearing screen, changing colours or otherwise obfuscating the listing are deliberately not supported (of course it saves me some work too :-)
  3. PRG support uses parts of Softwolves bastext utility. To be honest - Peter must have done a very thorough research on various Commodore BASIC versions (plus some non-Commodore extenstions too!), and their corresponding tokens. I admit that I just blatantly used both his tokens.c and tokens.h files without even inserting my credit lines ;-) I hope he doesn’t mind too much.
  4. Making it "dark mode compatible" requires me to build the PRG with xcode 10.x. But when I build it with xcode 10, the signing no longer works as before and requires me to pay Apple tax so that other people can run my application. As I clearly detest this kind or practices - sorry no Zaxxon (no "dark mode") until I find a probably well-hidden workaround to this.